Meagan Fallone-Director & CEO Barefoot College

Meagan Fallone

Meagan Fallone

Meagan Fallone

Director & CEO
Barefoot College

Tiloniya, Rajasthan, India

Meagan Fallone is responsible for Barefoot College International, she is currently steering the establishment of a further 6 Barefoot College Vocational Training Centers throughout Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America and Pacific; to triple the size of the Barefoot College by 2018.

In addition she is leading a dynamic team of young colleagues throughout the world to develop and deploy a digital data platform to enable women micro entrepreneurs. Working to migrate Barefoot Learning content in rural education and solar electrification areas, formulated by the exceptional founding family of Barefoot College, with a view to creating learning pathways across literacy barriers in true South/South cooperation spirit. Meagan has been a field presence in more than 106 countries since joining Barefoot College and currently guides field Operations and partnerships in 96 Countries. She is responsible for Development, Strategic Planning, Budget Management, Policy & Advocacy, Measurement & Evaluation and Communications initiatives of the Barefoot College Internationally.

Championing women in the developing world, she speaks regularly on the power of women as agents of sustainable change and poverty reduction. She has been a strong advocate for philanthropy; by, for, and about women and has consulted directly to Private Foundations and Social Enterprises to help heighten their impact at both ends of the Philanthropic spectrum.

Prior to this, She has worked with Step Up and MFC Consulting as the Founder and Owner where she was responsible of Supplying designers and interior architects within the luxury hotel industry with artworks and accessories sourced around the world. Focus on mentoring women artists and artisans. Spa products and textiles are developed not for profit and fund educational scholarships for girls in Nepal.