Sawie Mentorship - Strong and Inspirational Female Leaders


Even with strong and inspirational female leaders in the energy and related fields making the headlines, the underrepresentation of female decision makers in generally male-dominated industries is a serious concern.

It is important that the narrative of STEM fields being considered as “men’s-field”, where women do not belong, be changed, and mentorship can significantly help change that narrative. For that reason, it is crucial for women to have role models in their field of work, and effective mentorship can help women think through what their future may look like.

SAWIE aims to facilitate a strong relationship between mentors and mentees, and to help future female leaders in the energy sector develop their confidence, communication skills, and leadership abilities, such that they can go on to become an effective organisational change intervention.

The SAWIE Mentorship Series, as a part of the mentoring pillar for SAWIE, brings together likeminded individuals and allows them to converse candidly and share their experiences and ideas. To that end, it invites experts in the industry, working proactively towards gender diversity in the energy space, to come forward and engage with a select few of our SAWIE members. 

Format of the Mentorship Series

The fundamental element of SAWIE’s mentorship programme is for mentors to offer support and their targeted guidance to members of the community, in a way that both mentor and mentee get the opportunity to learn and grow in a collaborative manner towards strengthening the energy ecosystem at large.

Sawie Mentors