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SAWIE Membership is open to individuals, as well as public/private sector companies or organisations, that aim to adhere to the guiding principles of SAWIE, listed below:


To understand the challenges that our staff may face in the workplace and aim to create a more sensitive workplace environment. 

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To treat all women and men fairly at work, without any discrimination, in terms of equal remuneration, benefits and bonuses, for work of equal value. 


To promote and make conscious efforts to break glass ceilings with respect to hiring and promotion practices, to ensure that there is no gender bias in how we advertise for and hire new employees. 


To invest actively in training and mentoring through effective programmes to support the professional advancement of our female employees. 


To formulate policies that offer flexible working arrangements, parental leaves, and foster an inclusive workplace culture. 


To identify and encourage deserving female employees to occupy managerial and executive positions, and be significant additions to the corporate board of directors. 

The acceptability of any applicant for membership in SAWIE shall be determined by the SAWIE Governing Council / SAWIE secretariat in accordance with established procedures. 

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