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Subrahmanyam Pulipaka

Subrahmanyam Pulipaka

Subrahmanyam Pulipaka


National Solar Energy Federation of India

Subrahmanyam Pulipaka is the youngest chief executive officer of National Solar Energy Federation of India. National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) is an umbrella organisation representing solar energy companies in India that are active along the whole photovoltaic value chain: project developers, manufacturers, engineering companies, financing institutions and other stakeholders. NSEFI is a platform for various solar energy industry stakeholders with the objective of strengthening the communication and taking a unified stand for greater good of solar energy industry. NSEFI is directed by leaders who have decades of experience leading private organisations as well as policy initiatives.

He is the recipient of BRICS Energy for Thought – Young Scientist award – 2018. Previously he was the co-founder and CEO of Soreva Energy, one of the 10 Energy startups representing India at RISE-2017, Hong Kong. Subrahmanyam is one of the 50 Indian young CEOs shortlisted for Global Entrepreneurship Summit- 2017, Hyderabad chaired by Hon. PM of India Narendra Modi and Ms. Ivanka Trump – advisor to the President of the United States of America.

He is an alumnus of BITS Pilani and is also the founding chairman of India Africa Youth Energy Forum(IAYEF), a platform dedicated to nurture future energy leaders in the Indian subcontinent and African continent. He also started series of Youth Energy Dialogues for carrying forward the youth centric energy revolution dialogues in different cities in India as well as different countries in Africa

He has been involved in active research on the reliability of solar photovoltaics since last 4 years and was one of the youngest researchers to represent India at many international forums. Apart from this, he has also been actively involved in solar skill development and policy deliberation activities and addressed various intergovernmental sessions in India, China, Russia and Rwanda.