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Radhika Sharma

Radhika Sharma

Radhika Sharma

Senior Program Manager- Climate Policy

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Radhika is a Senior Program Manager- Climate Policy with the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. Her work aims to enable India’s transition to a cleaner energy future by facilitating the design and implementation of policies and regulations for low carbon pathways and air quality.

Her work supports the development of policy- regulations, providing implementation support through pilot projects (technical and commercial arrangements), offering technical assistance to institutions and stakeholders, designing innovative, sustainable and techno-economically feasible business models and capacity building, leading to access to finance for the sector.

She supports efforts to enhance climate actions through low-carbon development options and improving air quality in India. She was working for clean power and energy access portfolios for supporting India’s Nationally Determined Contributions target, before moving to the climate policy program at Shakti. Prior to this, she was a Research Associate, Renewable Energy Technology Applications Division at the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and held an adjunct position as an Assistant Program Manager, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)- South Asia Secretariat.

She is an M Tech in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management from TERI University (now TERI School of Advanced Studies).