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Bina Shetty

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Bina Shetty

Head, GeoAnalytics Sustainable Cities & Transport


Bina Shetty is the Head of GeoAnalytics at WRI India’s Sustainable Cities and Transport program. She is based out of the New Delhi office and provides strategic vision to the Cities Program advancing the use of innovative analytical solutions. She collaborates with practices across the program using data science and technology to tackle complex urbanization and sustainability challenges.

In her previous role at the Boston Consulting Group, she led the GeoAnalytics team in the APAC region. She was responsible for operations and business development, collaborating with local and international case teams providing location-based analytics solutions. She provided geospatial consulting primarily in network optimization, site feasibility and infrastructure development to private and public sector clients across industries.

Bina began her career at Jones Edmunds & Associates, an environmental consulting firm in Florida working with local government agencies on implementation of GIS solutions in water, wastewater and environmental remediation projects. In India, she has worked with RMS (Risk Management Solutions) where she led the exposure development team enhancing catastrophe modelling products.

She holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering – Geomatics from Purdue University, West Lafayette, and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from BITS, Pilani.

In her spare time, Bina likes listening to podcasts and going for hikes in the mountains with her husband.