Anjali Garg - South Asia Women in Energy (Sawie)

Anjali Garg

Anjali Garg

Anjali Garg

Energy Specialist

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Anjali is an Energy Specialist with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. She is part of the Climate Finance Advisory Services of the Financial Institutions Group for Asia-Pacific. She is also the Program Manager for IFC’s Lighting Asia/India initiative. In this role, she supports the private sector to build sustainable markets for affordable, modern off-grid lighting products for India’s rural and un-electrified communities.

An important area of her work in the recent past has been engaging with the private sector to identify opportunities to scale-up and mainstream gender focussed activities and business models. In her 18+ years of experience in the energy sector, she has focused on access, regulatory and policy interventions, PPPs, and climate finance and pricing. Prior to joining the IFC, she worked at the World Bank and TERI.

Anjali was recognized as one of the women leaders in the Indian solar sector by Solar Quarter in May 2019. She was also awarded the British Chevening Scholarship (Gurukul Leadership Program) at London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, and is an alumni of the International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP), State Department, Government for USA.

She is member of several taskforce and advisory committees, including FICCI’s Working Groups on ‘Off-Grid’ and ‘Financial Innovation’ under the Global Leadership Taskforce of Corporate on Innovation of the International Solar Alliance and the India Initiative on DRE Financing of the Climate Group. Anjali has authored several books, research publications and articles in leading dailies.

Anjali is a Gold Medallist Postgraduate scholar from the University of Delhi (2001). She loves to read and travel and is currently learning to paint. She does pro-bono work for an NGO focused on education of under privileged children in Gurgaon, Haryana (India) where her key responsibilities include sponsor relationship management and fund raising. She lives in Gurgaon with her artist husband and their parents.