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Aditi Sinha

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Aditi Sinha

Associate Director - Communications

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Aditi Sinha is the Associate Director of Communications at Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, where she leads the design and implementation of communications strategies to support policy action in clean energy and climate change mitigation. She provides strategic communication support for projects on air pollution management, distribution sector reforms, electric vehicles and decentralized renewable energy interventions. Prior to this, she worked with the Aga Khan Foundation as Communications Consultant developing communications material for the Sustainable Community-based Approaches to Livelihoods Enhancement Project (SCALE), the Bihar Multi-Input Approach Development (MIAD) programme and the Uttar Pradesh Multi-Input Approach Development (MIAD) programme. She has a master’s degree in M.A. International Studies from the University of Oregon and a B.A in History from St. Stephens College, New Delhi.