Consultant – Energy Access, WRI India

Consultant – Energy Access, WRI India

What is WRI?

WRI India, an independent charity legally registered as the India Resources Trust, provides objective information and practical proposals to foster environmentally sound and socially equitable development. WRI India’s mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations. Through research, analysis, and recommendations, WRI India puts ideas into action to build transformative solutions to protect the earth, promote livelihoods, and enhance human well-being.

We are inspired by and associated with World Resources Institute (WRI), a global research organization. Currently over 150 researchers are working with WRI India in our offices at Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Program Overview for Energy

The objective of the WRI India energy program is to inform and guide India’s transition to cleaner energy. The program focuses on three inter-related aspects of this energy transition: enhancing energy access, scaling renewables among specific consumer categories, and achieving higher levels of energy and buildings efficiency. Our energy access work is specifically aimed at ensuring access to affordable and clean energy so as to improve socio-economic development in rural and remote regions of India. Through strong research, ground-level implementation experience, partnerships with key stakeholders and communicating our work, we seek to achieve impact at scale.

Position Overview:

WRI India is seeking a Project Associate in Jharkhand, for the Energy Access work housed in the Energy Program in India. With his/her knowledge of the energy access landscape in India, the Project Associate will support the vision of WRI to improve access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy for all.

WRI India has a multi-pronged energy strategy that looks strategically at directing our tools, research, expertise, and partnerships in ensuring universal access to reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity. The energy access work focuses on states where there continues to be unserved and under-served demand.

To expand the energy access work, WRI India is working with development partners who operate in remote rural areas where access to electricity is limited. WRI India helps them identify the challenges, design the roadmap to implement the solutions and helps assess the impact of clean energy solutions. The interventions with the partners will feed into the scaling up efforts for reducing energy poverty and achieving development outcomes. The Project Associate will join a team of highly motivated individuals across multiple states, including members of WRI India’s senior leadership, to support the energy access work.

Duration: 1 Year (extendable subject to conditions)

Location: Jharkhand

Only Qualified applicants should apply online at All applications must be submitted online through this career portal in order to be formally considered.

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