Ajaita Shah-Anchor Lead, Founder CEO Frontier Markets Jaipur

Ajaita Shah

Ajaita Shah

Ajaita Shah

Anchor Lead, Working Group on Entrepreneurship

Founder and CEO

Frontier Markets Jaipur, India

Ajaita Shah Founder/CEO of Frontier Markets driving vision, strategy, investments, and partnerships for the social enterprise. At SAWIE, she leads the Entrepreneurship Group.

At Frontier Markets, she has raised $5MN of blended capital with leading investors like TPG Rise Fund, Acumen Fund, Engie, FMO, Doen Foundation, Good Energies, and Seed fund.

Ajaita has committed to empowering rural women across the developing world through business models, clean energy, technology, data, and inspiring women to push themselves beyond their societal boundaries. Frontier Markets has a network of 3500 rural women entrepreneurs who have helped 700,000 households adopt 1 million high impact solutions in 4 states of India through technology.

Prior to Frontier Markets, Ajaita worked in Microfinance in India for 7 years where she won many awards for her ground breaking innovation around healthcare, mobile technology, and social performance management in the sector.

Ajaita serves on the board of Frontier Innovations Foundation, a non-profit focused on global last-mile distribution support for companies. She also serves on the board of SHINE Invest which focuses on Divest-Invest, and Climate Change.