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Preeti Jain

Preeti Jain

Preeti Jain

Director - Business Development & Govt. Relations


Preeti Jain is ‘Director of Business Development and Government Relations’ with LanzaTech. In the current role, she leads Strategic business opportunity with an objective of #Carbonsmart world and advocacy initiatives with Governments.

A PhD in Chemistry (University of Kurukshetra) and MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Philippines, Dr. Jain has nearly two decades of experience in global hydrocarbon industry spreading across Research & Development, Research Advisory, Biz. Dev. (with focus on M&A) & policy advocacy. Since early years of career, she had been actively associated with the cause for enhancing women’s equity in the energy domain.

With leading industry leaders including Indian Oil, SABIC (Saudi Basic Industry Chemicals), HART Energy US & FIPI; she had extensively worked with Governments, Industry and trade bodies on the topics ranging from fuels quality roadmap, refining & petrochemicals, Air quality, bilateral trade & Free Trade Agreements, taxation and climate change.

A Fulbright Scholar by US DoE for Environment Leadership, Dr. Jain has about 40 papers & publications to her credit besides various professional accolades.