Sawie Mentorship Series: Towards Business Growth


SAWIE Mentorship Series: Environmental, Social and Cultural Governance towards Business Growth

By – Ms. Vaishali Nigam, Chief Sustainability, CSR and Communications Officer, Founding Chair, Renew Foundation and Chairperson, SAWIE
Date: 03 Mar 2021 | Time: 4 PM – 6 PM

We wrapped up our first session of the SAWIE Mentorship Series on Environmental, Social and Cultural Governance towards Business Growth. Our mentor Ms. Vaishali Nigam Sinha, ReNew Power and our mentees Vijay Lal, BSES Yamuna Power, Pamli Deka, WRI, Swati Ganeshan, TERI, Nitisha Agarwal, Smokeless Cookstove and Krishna Rubigha, AmpereVoltage Consulting Pvt. Ltd. shared their personal experiences and made this session a huge success.

Besides sharing of unique anecdotes, we took a deep dive on the biases and challenges in the path of gender diversity and probable interventions that we can collectively make, to address some of those. Our key takeaway is for women to not shy away from attempting at big things and utilising the support from the community, networks and the ecosystem.