Zerin Osho

Special Expert
International Solar Alliance

Zerin Osho is an international climate law and policy expert. She is currently a Project Lead at the International Solar Alliance (ISA) where her focus is on developing sustainable cold chains. In less than a year since her joining in March 2020, she launched of ISA’s 7th program on the ‘Solarizing Heating and Cooling Systems -’ a program that has set ISA on the path of achieving the goals of the Biarritz Pledge, the Paris Agreement, the Montreal Protocol and the Sustainable Development Goals. In her previous assignment, Zerin served as a project expert and advisor to Mr. Erik Solheim, the former Executive Director, UNEP and Under Secretary General of the UN for the launch of the Cool Coalition. Zerin is a lawyer by training and holds a master’s degree in law and diplomacy from the Fletcher School. She was awarded the prestigious LAMP Fellowship in 2015.